Running for Alaska State House District 27.

I believe that the Valley needs better pro-active, conservative representation to meet the needs of our rapidly growing community.

Guest Jubilee Underwood

by The Amy Demboski Show Mornings on KENI 04-11-2024

l am grateful to be featured in the The Must Read Alaska Show hosted by John Quick.

See what I’ve been up to and what my insights are for the improvement of the economic health and prosperity of Wasilla, Alaska, and beyond.

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I am a life-long Valley resident born, literally, at home, here in Wasilla, Alaska. My goal has and always will be, making sure I do my part in contributing to the economic health and prosperity of the place I am proud to call home for not only my current community members, but for the generations to come. 

Serving as your School Board representative the last 3 years and President during the last year, I am proud of the work we have done to make not only taxpayer’s voices but parental rights be at the forefront.

This Valley has been the place I was not only raised but am currently raising my own family. I am strongly passionate about continuing to have our voices heard, both locally and at the state level. I will listen and I will act.


Follow the Statutory PFD FOrmula








Became the first school district in the entire state of Alaska to protect girls sports by creating policy that prevents biological boys from competing on girl’s teams (as per BP6145). Biological boys and biological girls can compete on co-ed teams.

Permanently ending covid mandates for our students and allowing families to have the choice to navigate that issue how they felt fit.

Building 2 schools debt free by working cohesively along side the borough assembly.

Safeguarded the bathrooms for biological males and females to use the bathrooms designated to them by their biological sex. Both males & females can use single-occupancy bathrooms as per Board Policy 6145.

Exiting the Union-run Health Trust who refused to be financially transparent & accountable with their claims data. They were receiving 45 million dollars a year (of taxpayer funds) while refusing transparency. By exiting this agreement, we will be able to continue to make fiscally responsible decisions based off of clear, transparent data.

Created a citizen library advisory group to make sure criminally indecent content is not accessible in our school libraries and to also make sure age appropriate books are located in their respected places.


Financial support ensures our campaign is able to help facilitate this conversation, and will be used to effectively engage the public and community stakeholders.

Education plays a critical role in the lives of our children and impacts all Alaskans in many ways. I look forward to putting my time and energy to work for you and your family.

To achieve a positive change for our community, I need your support. Effective communication must become and remain a priority for our campaign. Here are ways you can help make a difference:


Talk to your friends and neighbors. It is time for a community-wide discussion regarding the importance of our State issues. Engagement is key to helping build a brighter future for Wasilla and all of our families.


All kinds of talents and skills are necessary for an effective campaign. A few sample activities are sign distribution, phone calls and door knocking. Contact me for more information, and I’ll connect you with the rest of our team.


Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of school choice. As believers in the power of individual freedom and personal responsibility, we understand that one size does not fit all, and that’s why school choice is so crucial.

School choice gives parents the freedom to select the best educational environment for their children. It empowers families to make decisions based on their values and beliefs, rather than being limited by their zip code. This aligns with our principles of empowering individuals to make their own choices.

By promoting school choice, we encourage competition and innovation in education. This leads to better outcomes for students and holds schools accountable for their performance. It fosters a system where schools have to earn the trust and support of parents and students, rather than taking them for granted.

School choice also supports the values of faith and family. It allows parents to select schools that align with their own personal beliefs and provide a moral foundation for their children. This is crucial in preserving our values and passing them on to the next generation.

Furthermore, school choice would promote economic freedom. It would allow taxpayer dollars to follow the student, giving parents the ability to invest in their child’s education and seek the best return on investment. This reflects our belief in limited government and individual liberty.

I wanted to take this time to talk about some of the amazing ways the Mat-su Valley, in my opinion, is leading the state in the area of School choice by the following examples:

MSBSD has 7 public charter schools

● Innovative Learning & Teaching
● Each has their own Lottery
● An Academic Policy Council
● Follow their own calendar & bell schedule
● Very limited transportation & nutrition services
● Most require parent volunteer hours

Mat-Su Career & Technical High School (CTHS)

● Adjusted bell schedule to accommodate transportation/shuttles
● Career pathway is required
● Lottery system for admission
● No athletics
● Students from other schools can take district wide CTE offerings at CTHS

MSBSD has 3 correspondence / homeschool programs

● Varying allotments for families
● Choice of home school curriculum
● In-person ‘seminar’ class offerings
● Teacher-Advisor that support Parent-Teachers
● Students can take participate in sports at their boundary school
● Co-enrollment

Mat-Su Middle College School

● For Juniors & Seniors (but growing!)
● No ‘bell schedule’ & follows UAA: Mat-Su College schedule
● No athletics
● Students take high school & college courses
● Limited transportation

MSBSD has 2 Alternative high schools

Burchell High School & Valley Pathways
● Provides additional support for students
● Emphasis on credit recovery for on-time graduation
● Adjusted bell schedule to accommodate transportation.
● Adjusted grade reporting schedule

MSBSD has boundary exemptions for every school

● Every school has students on boundary exemptions.
● Students are admitted based on space availability.
● Some schools have far more applications than space.

In conclusion, school choice is not just an educational issue; it’s a fundamental issue. It embodies our values of freedom, responsibility, competition, and faith. By advocating for school choice, we stand for the rights of parents to choose the best education for their children and uphold the principles that make our country great.

Education plays a critical role in the lives of our children and impacts all Alaskans in many ways. I look forward to putting my time and energy to work for you and your family.

To achieve a positive change for our community, I need your support. Effective communication must become and remain a priority for our campaign. Here are ways you can help make a difference:


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